AES News! - Jan. 14

Students of the Month

Congratulations to Parkway’s December Students of the Month- 

Carlee Shutler, Evan McMahon, Grace Craven, Justin Smeltzer, James Anderson 

Jonathan Barker, Alivea Chambers, Braxtyn Moore, Austin Ekey, Ayden Anderson, Harmony Thomas, Adelynn Worley, D’Artagnan Drain and Amari Lightner. Way to go, kiddos.

Congratulations to Rockhill’s December Students of the Month- 

Kevin Kridler, Jack Miller, William Belba, Enerson Johnson, Jacob Bissett, Emma Woodall, Mallory Gross, Alex Krug, Owen Blevins, Kaidyn Huntsman, Jacob Ruiz, Abigail Datz, Peyton Graham, Camerson Ramsey, Alric Richmond and Vanessa Hinojosa. Keep up the great work.

Third Grade Thinking

Third grade students are starting off the new year by making New Year’s Resolutions. They learned about what a resolution is and then they made some school resolutions and some home resolutions. Students have also been researching endangered animals. Each student was able to choose an animal to study.  Students gathered facts from multiple sources and created an informative essay on their topic. Additionally, each child completed a project to go along with their essay. Students were able to decide whether they wanted to record a YouTube video, build a Kahoot game, compose a play or design a learning station. Finally, students read their essays to the class and showcased their projects for their peers.

Rocks and Minerals

Students recently concluded their study on rocks and minerals. As a culminating activity, the students presented their knowledge with the use of the app Chatterkid. Students took photos of a selected mineral and recorded themselves describing all of the properties of these minerals. These properties were discovered through tests which each child performed with 12 minerals. They tested hardness, streak color, luster, color and transparency. Students loved the fact that the Chatterkid allowed the mineral to actually talk. Students added some creative touches to make the mineral look fancy for the presentation by adding glasses, ties and even mustaches. The students loved adding technology to science class.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Jan. 23- National Reading Day - snuggle up with a book