No Bullies Allowed!

We just wrapped up Bullying Prevention Month! Throughout the month of October, students worked hard to put bullying to rest. We had a full week of Anti-Bullying Awareness where each day was geared to bring light to the issue and help students learn ways to handle or respond to bullying behaviors. Students also participated in grade-level guidance lessons to bring awareness to bullying and strategies to use for prevention. First Grade read the book Llama Llama Bully Goat and demonstrated how they could be a buddy, not a bully. In Second Grade, we worked to 'Stomp Out Bullying' by recognizing the traits and signs of a bully and how to handle difficult situations. Each second grader traced the outline of his/her foot and wrote down what steps they will take to end to bullying. Our Third Graders focused on verbal bullying and how it can negatively affect us. Students gave examples of hurtful words or phrases and then were asked to counter them with positivity and kindness. The paired activity required students to have access to both a lemon slice and a Hershey kiss. They were encouraged to associate sour words with taking a big bite of a lemon! When they used kind words, they were encouraged to associate it with the sweet taste of a Hershey kiss. Not shockingly, most of them preferred the chocolate!