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Parkway Elementary School wants to welcome you to a new school year and a brand new web space for the Parkway Elementary School community. Parkway Elementary School replaces its decade-old website with a new web and eLearning platform that will bring our schools, students and teachers to the forefront of the 21st century.

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Principals's Message

August 25, 2014
We are into our first FULL week of school and I can already see the routines and procedures falling into place. We spend countless hours each summer designing plans for learning, teaching, assessing, and building operations. Yet... we never know how those plans will look and feel in action, until our little treasures show up. 

Arrival and dismissal procedures have been changed to reflect a need for better safety and security of our students and the desire to build relationships with families. While we could never predict the enormous number of car riders we were faced with, we knew it was important to quickly make adjustments to accommodate everyone and allow parents to quickly get where they needed to be. While the plan was great, the location of our drop-off and pick-up was definitely not. 

Our new arrival and departure location is already working better and faster. This morning, our arrival routine was finished a full seven minutes earlier than on Friday. For more details about the arrival and dismissal procedures, please see the "News" section above.

Thank you all for your patience, feedback, and cooperation. Our students are fortunate to be blessed with such amazing caregivers. 


Ms. Stephanie Eslich